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Measuring the Severity of the National Housing Shortage

There is a severe housing shortage as a result of record-high home prices and rents in addition to record-low for-sale inventories and vacancies, according to a new analysis from the… Read more »

Year-End Report Shows Sellers made over $100k in Profit

A new iteration of ATTOM Data’s year-end U.S. Home Sales Report, which showed that home sellers collected a tidy average of $121,000 of profit on the typical home sale—putting that… Read more »

Is Home-Flipping About to Lose Its Luster?

Home flipping has been all the rage for a number of years now, especially during the time of ultra-low interest rates and that was proven by the number of reality… Read more »

The Generational Housing Market Tug-of-War

A new report from Leaf Home and Morning Consult paints a picture of Boomer’s “death grip” on housing is stalling millennials’ homeownership and paints a contrasting picture of the 2024… Read more »

Office Space to Living Space: Conversions to Skyrocket in Major U.S. Cities

According to a new RentCafe report, over the past four years, there has been extraordinary growth in the conversion of office buildings into living spaces, with an estimated 12,100 apartments… Read more »

‘Hot’ Rental Markets to Watch in 2024

For those that cannot buy in the current housing market, those people must turn to renting.  If you live in Atlanta, Kansas City, or Cincinnati, renting may be the predominant… Read more »

Bidding Wars Heating Up for Starter Homes

A new report from Zillow has found that entry-level home shoppers are dealing with faster-rising prices and more competition than those seeking more expensive homes. “Buyers shopping for the least-expensive… Read more »