In Missouri wine country, St. Jordan Creek Winery now has its own sangria club – and you’re invited

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Sangria-lovers can now get a glass of Missouri wine country shipped right to their door. 

The St. Jordan Creek Winery sangria club, available for sign-up now, has been nearly a decade in the making. The winery, located near Beaufort, Missouri, is situated on founder Lucas Johnson’s 50-acre, century-old family farm. The first vines were planted in 2009 with eyes toward a vineyard; the winery opened a few years later.

“We started just gradually building buildings one by one, and it kind of took off from there,” he says.

St. Jordan Creek produces wines than run the gamut from dry to sweet: classic Norton and Sauvignon Blanc to raspberry and peach wines. The most popular choice, however, is the housemade sangria.

“Sangria is the most popular drink at our place, and nobody can take it with them, because it’s a pitcher,” Johnson says. “So we came up with the idea to have [sangria] boxes – the recipe to help them make it at their own house and have the ingredients for them to do it.”

Sangria-at-home kits seemed especially in demand given the past year, he says. The kits include two bottles of either dry white or dry red wine and a bottle of what Johnson terms “our secret ingredient.” Just add the fruit of your choice and Sprite for a spectacular summer sipper.

The club will ship sangria kits to your home four times a year beginning in June, each of which will make four pitchers of sangria.

“We’re starting up a regular wine club, too,” Johnson says, noting that he plans to have both monthly and quarterly options.

Johnson is hoping that eased COVID-19 restrictions and warm weather will bring wine-lovers back to St. Jordan Creek, which boasts a large outdoor space that regularly hosts live bands on the weekends.

To sign up for St. Jordan Creek’s sangria club, visit

St. Jordan Creek Winery, 2829 U.S. 50, Beaufort, Missouri,

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