At Frida’s, Natasha Kwan Continues to Push the Boundaries of Plant-Based Fare

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Frida’s in University City, Missouri, is the culmination of a 20-year dream. When chef-owner Natasha Kwan opened the restaurant in July 2012, its vegetarian, vegan and raw food options were extraordinary considering its size at the time. Kwan has since expanded the restaurant’s space, but she maintains the same standards: good food you can eat every day.

Frida’s menu has also evolved over the years. For example, Kwan – who calls herself the anti-sugar chef – originally refused to use potatoes in her cooking because of their high glycemic index; now she goes through more than 100 pounds a week. “Eventually every chef and/or restaurateur listens to what the customer wants – you have to, otherwise you’re not going to be as successful as you could be,” she says. A wider variety of plant-based options have established themselves on the regular menu, as well – a shift that Kwan chalks up to the general public’s heightened curiosity of plant-based, whole-food eating.

Currently, Kwan is working on opening a new Mexican concept, Diego’s Cantina y Cocina, next door to Frida’s. A departure from Frida’s cuisine but born from the same spirit, Diego’s promises to be your new favorite neighborhood hangout, offering everything from escabeche to mezcal cocktails.

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