Get Your Kid’s Room Ready for Buyers

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Staging is a vital step to take when putting a home up for sale, but prepping the rooms of young children can be tricky.

That’s because kids have a knack for messing up rooms. And while you want to make your house appealing to potential buyers, you also want your child to be comfortable in their room.

This is a task that can be done in a way that will make everyone happy. Here are some ways to go about making your child’s room look its very best.

Kids rooms offer a terrific opportunity to clear stuff out of your house. There’s an excellent chance that the closets are filled with clothes they’ve outgrown and toys they no longer play with. Go through everything and figure out what should be kept, what should be thrown away and what should be given away. 

Clean It
Take everything off the shelves and dust. Consider what can be discarded as you go through the process. Also give the room a thorough vacuuming and clean the windows.

Consider the Walls
If your kid has taped pictures, drawings and posters to their walls, they should come down. Put their favorite ones in frames to make the walls look better and to take an early step toward making their next room look its best. And if the walls need it, give them a paint job.

Get Your Kid’s Input
Remember, moving can all be difficult for a young person. Changing their room so that other people will like it can be a reminder that they’re going to be moving, switching schools and leaving their friends. Ask their thoughts as to what items they want to keep and  talk to them about ideas they have for decorating their room in your future home.

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