4 Places to Find Nature in the City

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The city has so many advantages. There are cultural ones, in the form of museums and historic buildings. There are social ones, with many options for nightlife and clubs for any interest you might have. There are educational ones, with universities and schools of all kinds. One thing cities usually don’t have, though? Tons of backyard space. For some people, that won’t be a bother—they did move to the “concrete jungle” after all, right? But for others, trading in trees for skyscrapers can be really tough. 

Here are some places to turn to if you need a shot of greenery and fresh air in an urban area:

Parks & Public Outdoor Places
Obvious, but still worth noting. There are usually at least a few green spaces that are open to the public in any city. But don’t just go to the biggest or best known—explore all the options and you may find a little slice of country in the city that feels less crowded than others.

Nature Exhibits
Museums have all sorts of displays that change regularly. Some create entire ecosystems that really take you to new places, including exhibits filled with greenery. 

The Zoo
Zoos and wildlife preserves are filled with not only animals, but their natural habitats. Depending on the type of zoo, it can really make you feel like you’ve taken a trip outside the city. 

Your Own Home
Even if you don’t have a ton of space, urban gardening is having a major moment. Stop by your local gardening or home improvement shop for ideas and products that will help you get started. Basic herbs (that smell great and can be used for food) can be grown inside, while tomatoes and other hearty vegetables are a perfect addition to even the most petite balcony.

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