Bidding Wars Heating Up for Starter Homes

A new report from Zillow has found that entry-level home shoppers are dealing with faster-rising prices and more competition than those seeking more expensive homes. “Buyers shopping for the least-expensive… Read more »

15 million renters pay more for housing than they can afford. Here’s how to figure out if you’re one of them

Gremlin | E+ | Getty Images There’s often a chasm between theory and practice, what we should do and what we actually do. Yet, when it comes to the long-held… Read more »

New Home Purchase Mortgage Applications Decrease in January

The Mortgage Bankers Association‘s (MBA) Builder Application Survey (BAS) data for January 2023 shows that mortgage applications for new home purchases decreased 3.5% compared to a year ago. Compared to December 2022, applications increased by 42%. This change does not include any adjustment for… Read more »

1-in-20 Homes Now Valued Over $1M

Hot is just one of the words you could use to describe the housing market over the last two years, with demand significantly outpacing supply, which had a major impact… Read more »