Did lower mortgage rates slow housing inventory growth?

My model for inventory growth with higher mortgage rates came crashing down last week. After two weeks of significant increases, inventory growth slowed dramatically and is far from my 11,000-17,000… Read more »

Virginia Realtors: Zillow’s touring agreement may not be legal

Earlier this week, Zillow launched a new “touring agreement,” a nonexclusive contract for buyers and agents to use for home tours. The real estate giant was prompted to do this by the… Read more »

New home sales inch higher despite 7% mortgage rates: ‘There’s more opportunity,’ economist says

While the spring housing market has been plagued with low supply, high prices and spiking interest rates, would-be homebuyers are focusing on new construction.  The reason? New homes have more… Read more »

Finally, some healthy housing inventory growth

Housing inventory finally hit my target level of growth last week with mortgage rates now over 7.25%, something I couldn’t get all last year. Of course, what is different this… Read more »